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Our expertise is in the design of home renovations with budgets starting at $300,000 and in the design of condo suite renovations with budgets starting at $200,000. We also provide elegant interior design solutions for new home construction and home additions.


When to Start?

As early as possible!

If the designer is the primary consultant, they’ll direct your project into a good course of action at the onset. If part of a larger team of architects, engineers, etc., we’ll want to make sure our work is performed efficiently as part of the whole project.

THe Cost?

Design fees vary depending on scope and project complexities. For example, a project that involves bespoke millwork would have a higher fee than one with off-the-shelf solutions. With an understanding of your project, we would tailor a fee proposal to suit your specifics.


Our process for construction design Services:


1. Introduction

Get in touch. We’ll send you an online form.

2. Initial Meeting

A call or meeting to review your form.

3. Design Fee Proposal

A fee proposal drafted to suit your needs.

4. Kick-off Meeting

An initial meeting to clearly define the project direction.

5. Site Measure

Detailed measurements are taken, or drawings are obtained from the architect.

6. Preliminary Design

Creation of budgets and moodboards for you to approve the overall design direction.

7. Design development

Everything required for you to approve of the proposed design, including:

  • Samples of proposed finishes

  • Images of proposed fittings & fixtures

  • Drawings (floorplans & elevations)

8. Construction Documents

Detailed documents to obtain quotes from, to build from, and to order material from, including:

  • Scope of work summary

  • Specifications of finishes, fixtures & fittings

  • Construction plans, reflected ceiling plans, electrical plans, finishes plans and furniture plans

  • Detailed elevations and sections

9. Project administration

Administration ensures the project runs as smoothly as possible, the design intent is adhered to, and any changes are administered appropriately. Examples include:

  • Coordination with contractors and consultants

  • Construction site meetings and correspondence

  • Ordering of goods and materials


Examples of Our Construction Design Services:



Proportion of Construction Design phases