Thank you!

Thank you for your interest in our design services. Not only can good design increase the value of your property,  a carefully planned interior can improve the functional and aesthetic aspects of your lifestyle. We are committed to to delivering the best quality of design possible, and endeavour to take on projects that we believe are mutually a great fit.

Our steps in commencing a full service design project typically include:

  1. Submission of "Request for Full Service Design" form by owner.
  2. Phone call and/or initial consultation between owner and design team.
  3. Preparation of "Design Fee Proposal" by Croma for owner approval.
  4. Design project begins with an initial kick-off meeting.

Request for full service Design

Before considering new full service projects, we like to get as much information as possible. We also understand that your time is valuable, so please help us get a better understanding of your project by answering as much as you're able.

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Project address, neighbourhood or other location identifier
Only if different from project location
6. Preferred method of communication
9. Type of design project *
What best describes your project?
Examples: "Free-standing Victorian brick structure" or "Newly built high-rise" or "a suite in a 1980s era mid-rise" etc.
11. Type of scope *
How would you best describe the type of project scope you're planning to undertake?
12. Current stage
At what stage of the project are you currently in?
13. If yours is a construction project, select the design services that you may require: *
Select any that may be applicable for you.
14. Are you considering services for furniture and other decor?
Including furniture, decorative accessories, artwork, windowcoverings, etc.
Approximate total budget for the entire project excluding design fees, (pick whichever most closely applies)
19. Approximate design fee of 10% to 20% of project cost *
For full service design projects, a typical fee for design services can range from 10% to 20% of the overall project budget. Is this within your expectation?
20. Anticipated project start date
20. Anticipated project start date
Excluding time for planning, when are you aiming to have the project started
21. Anticipated completion date
21. Anticipated completion date
Date by which you are hoping to have the project finished
22. Desired style
Check all that appy
24. Are you currently working with any other project consultants?
26. Have you worked with a designer before?
Examples: "Renovate an existing property to better suit our needs" or "Bring a property up to date before selling it" etc.
30. Will you be able to email us photos of the existing property? *
31. Will you be able to email us plans of the existing property? *
Is there a website for the project? For example, a website by the developer, a realtor's listing, etc.
33. Have you begun to collect any images of things you find inspirational for you project?
Example, magazine clippings, etc.
If you have a Houzz ideabook, we'd be interested in seeing it
Likewise, if you have any project related Pinterest boards, we'd be interested in taking a look.
36. What is your availability for an initial consultation?
Our regular studio hours are 9am-5pm, Mon-Fri
37. Choose just two of the following three factors you'd like to drive your project: