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Thank you for your interest in our In-Studio Consultations. With In-Studio Consultations, our goal is to provide you with the best information possible, so that you can make your design project a success. In-Studio Consultations are a great solution for getting expert design advice without hiring a designer for the entire project.

Each consultation is by appointment and lasts from one to two hours, typically during regular business hours. Evening and weekend appointments may be available at an extra charge. The fee for each consultation is $500 plus tax, payable at the end of the consultation.


Request for In-Studio Consultation

Before considering appointments, we like to get as much information as possible. We also understand that your time is valuable, so please help us get a better understanding of your project by answering as much as you're able. The more information you can provide before the consultation, the more prepared we can be.

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Is there a specific date/time, or a general time frame you'd be interested in meeting? Croma's regular studio hours are 9am-5pm, Mon-Fri.
9. Are you available to meet during regular business hours?
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Examples: "Free-standing Victorian brick structure" or "Newly built high-rise" or "a suite in a 1980s era mid-rise" etc.
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13. Are there specific rooms you need help with?
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14. Current stage
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15. $500 Design fee *
The design fee for In-Studio Consultation is $500. Is this within your expectation? An invoice will be emailed to you after the session, payable online or by cheque.
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19. How would you describe your style?
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20. Are you currently working with any other project consultants?
22. How can we help?
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(Example, discuss potential kitchen layouts, select a colour palette, review furniture ideas, etc.)
Examples: "Renovate an existing property to better suit our needs" or "Bring a property up to date before selling it" etc.
Likewise, let us know if there are any suppliers you wish to avoid.
Please also identify any other special needs or requirements.
27. Will you be able to email us photos of the existing property? *
28. Will you be able to email us plans of the existing property? *
For example, do you have a plan from a realtor listing or drawings from when the property was built?
29. Will you be able to site measure the existing property before the consultation?
Accurate room measurements will help us in determining best furniture sizes and configurations.
30. Will you be bringing any finishes samples to the consultation?
For example, perhaps you've already begun to collect samples of flooring, countertop, paint, fabric, etc.
Is there a website for the project? For example, a website by the developer, a realtor's listing, etc.
Do you have a Houzz ideabook you can share with us?
Have you created a Pinterest board for the project?