Full Service Design


Full Service Design

Full Service Design


Croma Design is a full service firm, providing high quality design interior design services. We collaborate with the owner and other project consultants to deliver services for renovations, construction projects an other interior decor related projects. At Croma, a typical design project might be broken down into the following phases:

Phase A:

Needs Analysis & Programming

An initial kick-off meeting to define project goals and other parameters.

Phase B:

Preliminary Design

Creation of base building plans and budgets that will be used for future phases.

Phase C:

Design Development

Mood boards, concept drawings, samples, images of proposed finishes, fittings & fixtures for client approval.

Phase D:

Contract Documentation

Detailed construction drawings, details and specifications to be used for obtaining project bids, construction, installation and ordering of goods and materials.

Phase E:

Contract Administration

Obtaining quotes & bids, coordinating with consultants & trades, managing construction, ordering of goods & materials, administering any changes, and all things related to the smooth running of a project.

Phase G:

Accessories, Decor & Furniture

Services related to procuring furniture & creating custom furniture, artwork, accessories, rugs, windowcoverings and on-site styling.


How much does Full Service Design cost?

Every project is unique, each with a different set of circumstances and  varied level of design involvement required. Our fees vary from project to project. Before we begin any full service design project, we like to get a better understanding of any potential client's needs so that we can develop a design fee proposal for approval.

The first step is to get in touch, so we can begin to get to know you and the project you're considering.


In-studio Design Consultations

In-studio Design Consultations


In-Studio Design Consultations


Need just a little help?

Our In-Studio Consultations are a great way to inject Croma style into your project, and obtain design direction without the fees normally associated with full service design.  Book just one, or as many sessions as you need to finish your project. Each session consists of one to two hours with a member of our design team, where we help you with any design related issues.


How Does The In-Studio Consultation Work?

Step 1: 

Design Questionnaire

We'll send you a form to fill out so we can get to know you and your project, and get an understanding of your wants and needs. Together we'll determine a date for the consultation.

Step 2:

Send Us Your Info.

Send us your floorplan, existing photos and links to to any Houzz Ideabooks or Pinterest Boards (if available and applicable). We'll review your information and prepare ideas to review at the consultation.

Step 3:

The Consultation

The fun part begins! Together with you in our studio, we review the design ideas and concepts that suit the information you've provided. Every consultation is different, and varies depending on your needs. For some we're presenting sketched floorplans, and for others we're showing images of furniture and decorating options. For many, the consultations include reviewing different choices of finishes. During the meeting, we'll be providing you contact information so you know how and where to obtain many of the items we discuss. 


Who is the Croma In-Studio Consultation client?

There is no typical client, but there is one commonality: the consultations are perfect for those who are undertaking an improvement to their home and are looking for impartial, third-party design expertise. The In-Studio Consultation client is interested in protecting their investment without spending a large amount on design fees. Some examples of how we've helped homeowners with the consultations include:

  • Selecting new furniture, art, accessories and other decor items.
  • Selecting paint colours and other finishes (tile, countertops, flooring, etc.)
  • Selecting hardware, lighting and plumbing fixtures
  • Sketching furniture layouts.
  • Sketching kitchen layouts, including kitchens with IKEA cabinets.
  • Reviewing drawings by other consultants and suggesting alternative ideas.
  • Developing ideas for windowcoverings.
  • Providing feedback on ideas that homeowners have but aren't sure of.


Where does the In-Studio Consultation take place?

We host the sessions in our studio in downtown Toronto. We've also helped homeowners all across Canada and the U.S. remotely, via email and telephone.


How much does the In-Studio Consultation Cost?

$500 CAD

Plus applicable tax. You'll receive an emailed invoice which can be paid securely online, in-person or by mail.